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The Power of One Dashboard

Maximus | The Power of One Dashboard

June 17, 2020

The Power of One Dashboard

Nobody needs to tell you that today we’re overexposed to everything – whether you’re juggling email inboxes, different messaging apps, or even your social media accounts. When it comes to native advertising, there are so many different platforms and tools on the market today that take care of different pieces of your funnel. These are helpful, of course, but we can also admit that it’s hard to manage.

And why should you manage all types of logins and keep switching back between browser tabs when you don’t have to?

Ditch Your Tracker


You can skip that extra monthly fee for your tracker and set everything up in a single location. Beyond that extra cost, forget about keeping that spot in the back of your mind where you need to check just one more thing off of your list.

You can still keep your tracker too if you love it – but rest easy knowing you can find everything in one place and check your tracker only when you feel the need.

Advanced Tracking

The facts are simple – using a presell is one of the best tools you can use to increase your funnel’s overall performance. Finding out how well your presell does traditionally means you need to use another platform to track the presell visits, clicks, and CTR for you to make decisions on what works best.

Maximus campaigns can enable Advanced Tracking to display all this alongside the already existing robust reporting. Not only does this provide you better insights on what presells are crushing it, but you can route based on this data too.

If you’re running a single presell, you can get a clear idea of how many people you’re losing who aren’t clicking through to your offer. Or, run multiple presells and use granular routing to control where your traffic goes. One ad that appears on a certain site might have a better presell conversion rate than another – send users to where you want them to go.

Real Time Magic

Whether you’re still looking to use your own tracker or condensing things and tracking everything in Maximus, the power of data in Maximus is backed by real time estimated spends. When you’re working with native networks, some of these sources delay data up to 4 hours or more! There’s no way to make the best call if your spend and traffic information is only in your rear-view mirror.

Maximus Was Built For This


Maximus was created from the ground up for media buyers to track everything you need to manage your campaigns, including unique reporting like the Image/Site/Landing reports that give you deeper insight into performance. Data in Maximus powers intuitive charts, comparing previous week and previous day data – no more exporting dozens of CSVs to get where you need to go.

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