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Presell Performance Powered by Maximus

Maximus | Presell Performance Powered by Maximus

August 12, 2020

Presell Performance Powered by Maximus

When you’re building your funnels, there’s plenty of places for improvement. Using a presell is a proven way to increase interest and drive sales. But just using a presell isn’t always enough—it is also a chance for traffic to drop off before a conversion. Media buyers have been utilizing tracking tools to measure their presell performance for years, but managing all these logins and tools can be a burden. Plus, we know firsthand how costly it can be, too.

Whether you want to monitor a new campaign or get the details on one that’s already running, you can turn on Advanced Tracking in Maximus with the click of a button and let Maximus handle all of that tracking for you. Simply update the links on your presell to the Maximus click link, and you can now see your presell visits, clicks out to your offer’s landing page, and the presell’s click through rate right alongside all of your other data.

Maximus wasn’t just built for management and optimization—it works as its own tracker too. Now with Advanced Tracking you can evaluate your presells with real time data, and with some great functionality built in to boot. You have the ability to rotate offer landing pages or decide what presell a user is redirected to if they click on a specific site, or even when a certain image is served on that site. Not all traffic performs the same, and improving your funnels with more data and granular routing turns this from an annoyance to an advantage.

Power your campaigns and your decisions with the right information and push performance to the next level. Check out more on Advanced Tracking here.


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