Maximus: Automated Media Buying Platform for Native Advertising

Performance Marketer

Become a successful performance marketer by scaling, optimizing and simplifying your native advertising.

Maximus is tailored to make the media buying experience as efficient as possible. Cross-platform campaign management puts your network controls on a single, comprehensive platform and auto-optimization and scaling features means Maximus constantly improves campaign performance and increases ROI.

Maximize Profit, Minimize Loss

Click/Conversion Logs

Track clicks and conversions in real-time without network delays

Desired Click Pacing

Increase traffic to meet your highest bid.

Site-Level Bidding

Boost your bid on high-performing sites and block low-performing sites

A/B Split Testing

Send traffic to multiple landing pages and test different creatives

Fire & Forget™ Optimization

Let Maximus automate your campaigns while you make adjustments

Budget Control

Minimize loss by setting an amount of money to lose

Maximus is one of the only platforms to offer real-time reporting on campaigns. While network reporting may be delayed for more than an hour, Maximus streams ad cost and revenue in real time. Why? Because this information is necessary for both you and Maximus to make the best decisions about how to adjust and optimize your campaigns.

Manage Campaign Performance Effectively


Maintain a goal margin by adjusting bids up or down


Auto-optimize your campaings to maximuize your ROI

Real-Time Estimates

Maximus streams ad cost and revenue in real time