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Spark Networks SE is a leading global dating company with a portfolio of premium brands designed for singles seeking serious long-term relationships. Just like the couples who find love on our platforms, our success story is a tale of two compatible partners – Spark Networks Inc. and Affinitas GmbH – who merged in 2017.

We have selected Maximus Live, llc. to be our native advertising automation partner. After years of running native manually, it took only minutes to realize that the value Maximus brings in terms of scalability and efficiency is unprecedented.

Jeronimo Folgueira CEO, Spark Networks

Advida is a leading digital advertising agency that combines the perfect storm of proprietary technology and brilliant marketing minds.

With Maximus, we feel like other companies have basically zero chance to compete with us because we can launch and manage more profitable campaigns.


Maximus is the most comprehensive media buying platform out there

Richard Marques COO, Revcontent

All-in-all it’s a slick tool that can eliminate a ton of bidding labor. We built an ad manager on top of our internal analytics platform last year to help us execute bids more easily... But you guys seemingly had already built it with Maximus at an affordable price

Jason Leister CEO and Founder, red3i business + media

Maximus has really helped my company scale Native campaigns across multiple platforms at the same time without worrying about bidding & something going too wild and overspending. This allows us to focus much more on the creative part of the process.

Nikolay Saev CEO, Adiko Advertising

I wanted to reach out to you guys to acknowledge your remarkable generation on the COVID-19 Vaccine study in such a short period of time. So much that we had to pause the study! With a small number of invalids compared to the overall volume, we are pleasantly surprised and very curious if that type of response repeatable.

When we get caught up with processing, do you think you could produce the same volume, and how long might it be sustainable? Any insight you are willing to give about your method of driving this traffic and your forecast for the future of this study is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your exceptional effort and performance. Looking forward to continuing our partnership