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How Maximus Helped A New Native Advertiser Get Positive ROI

Maximus | How Maximus Helped A New Native Advertiser Get Positive ROI

November 13, 2019

How Maximus Helped A New Native Advertiser Get Positive ROI

By Mr. X

How Maximus Helped Me Get Profitable

I had spent high 6 figures and couldn’t get past breakeven. After my first week of using Maximus I’m seeing consistent green numbers in the tracker and I’m confident I can scale this to new heights.

Below I’m listing the features that helped me most and how I personally used them.

Use Maximus to Rotate Landing Pages & Offer Pages

Maximus allows you to manage your links so you can rotate landing pages and offers.

What if I told you it’s one of the features I’m using to make the life of my competition miserable?

I was rotating two different offers (a high-priced and a low-priced offer) and quickly noticed some premium placements had the same conversion rate for both offers.

Thanks to the Maximus “routing feature” I’ve been able to squeeze out extra ROI out of these premium placements by only showing them the high-priced offer. This allows me to bid higher and bully away the competition.

Riding the Waves of Positive ROI With Fire & Forget

Fire & Forget is one of the features that’s unique to Maximus and I now understand what all the buzz is about.

One of the options is automatically tweaking your bids to aim for your desired ROI.

For new campaigns, I’ve found most success by tweaking the “Profit Margin” throughout the day. I start the day with a low margin to get the traffic flowing.

Then throughout the day you can increase the desired margin.

This also helped me pinpoint the timeframes with the highest ROI, which brings me to the next topic: Day Parting.

Day Parting On Steroids

Another option in Fire & Forget is Day Parting.
You could do day parting through your native ad network, but it’s never as granular as with Maximus. I prefer to “kickstart” a campaign with a very high bid at the end of a paused period. Below is a made-up example of what’s possible. This campaign doesn’t run during nighttime and pauses during the evening.

Native networks react rather slow to a change in bids, so I suggest to start 30 minutes earlier.

Your New Best Friends: The Client Success Team

It’s mind boggling people are willing to pay $15,000 on coaching but would cheap out on a tool like Maximus.

When I got assigned my “Client Success Manager” I could immediately feel I was in good hands. The tips (whitelists, best practices) I got during our calls have helped me scale to new heights. Years of hands-on experience are included for free with your subscription.

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