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8 Reasons Why You Need Maximus If You Buy Native

Maximus | 8 Reasons Why You Need Maximus If You Buy Native

September 16, 2019

8 Reasons Why You Need Maximus If You Buy Native

If you’re working with the top native networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Gemini, and Revcontent, you’ll need an optimization tool to help you compete against other buyers and maximize the most out of your campaigns.

All of these reasons below by themselves are key points to making native work for you, but combined they are greater than the sum of their parts. We’ve built Maximus to remove all the worrying, reduce all the micro management, and make analyzing your campaigns faster than ever.

1. Turn One Person Into a Team

Whether you’re running native campaigns by yourself or working with a team of buyers, there’s no reason to limit yourself to what you can do based on the time and energy you can put into managing campaigns manually. With Maximus, scale your productivity to places that make the time you put into native buying more efficient and grow your profits at the same time.

2. Work With Data in Real-Time

While some people are fine with bidding and managing right from the network’s UI, chances are you want to tap into live information to control each moment of bids and optimization to maximize your campaigns. Make your decisions with up to the second real time estimates – and not with hours-old data like you’ll find on most native networks. If you’re basing all of your changes on what happened and not what’s happening right now, you’re driving while looking only at your rear view mirror.

3. Automate Your Optimizations

Like it or not, we’re not robots – and we can’t handle a million tasks a minute. Using automated bid adjustments based on the values you set lets Maximus change bids for you across all of your campaigns, even on the site level. Visiting an office out of town, or taking a much needed vacation? Your campaigns are still bidding with real time data even when you’re not at the helm. You can end your work day and catch up on your rest and relaxation without worrying about how your profits and spend are going.

Beyond changing bids, with networks like Revcontent and Outbrain, Maximus also can block sites and widgets if they fall below an EPC you set – killing off poor performers to reduce your spend on placements that aren’t working for your campaign.

4. Strategic Advice and Support

There’s plenty of native optimization tools out there, and while competitors have seen our success and tried to copy our features they still are missing a key element of what makes Maximus users successful. Our Client Success team can give you personalized recommendations on campaigns, help you move through approval processes, and answer your questions when you’re exploring new networks.

We can help you pinpoint and identify areas of improvement for your entire funnel to help increase your conversion rate. Sometimes your offer is great but you need to add or change a presell – we’ve consulted with many users to help them boost campaign performance.

Have technical issues or a question? Our LiveChat and ticket system is there when you need it with our knowledgeable support team. We’re just a click away – check out the bottom right of this blog and click on the chat bubble to start a conversation!

5. Scale and Spend Safely

One of the biggest pain points of any campaign is managing your budget to keep it within your spend goals while also giving it breathing room to keep growing if it’s crushing it today. Maximus utilizes four budget management tools to help your campaign keep going if your profit is good, and stop when you’ve lost beyond what you are comfortable with.

With our Slow Amount, your campaign will reduce spending to a low bid value if it has lost that amount of money today. You can keep spending a little more, and if you get more conversions you can exit that Slow Amount and keep going again strong.

Stop Amount pauses your campaign if you’ve lost a set amount today – instead of playing with a maximum budget, you can set your tolerance for loss and let Maximus stop your campaign for you.

Budget Increase raises your budget by a percentage you’ve set, as long as you have spent half of your budget and your campaign is profitable. Don’t stop your winning campaign because you’ve hit the budget – let Maximus handle it automatically.

Our Budget Reset feature can reset your daily budget to an amount you want, so if your campaign increases the budget one day it can start off the next with the budget you want to keep using every day.

6. All-in-one Dashboard

Get out of the habit of tracking everything in Excel, or comparing different places to get the data you need to review. Maximus is a one-stop dashboard for all your statistics, and you can see all of your networks in the same place. No more trying to keep up with endless browser tabs. Switch between campaigns and networks easily — Maximus even lets you clone campaigns from one network to another.”

On top of all of the automation, Maximus gives unique views to the data that campaigns generate. Intuitive charts and reports help you evaluate performance, comparing relevant data like yesterday and the same day last week. Compare your clicks, profit, and revenue against recent performance to better understand your campaigns. Leveraging this data will help you better optimize campaigns, find the best performing hours for your campaigns, and help you generate angles based on working images on all of your campaigns.

7. Control Where Users Are Going

Add multiple landing pages to test out different presells, and change the weights of your links with a few easy clicks. Our reports can show you stats for each landing page and also which landing pages are getting traffic from sites. You can set a static route if you’ve got a landing page that is working really well with a specific site to maximize the audience with the landing page that works for them.

Want even more control? We’ve also broken down every image that you have with the sites they appear on, and then the landing pages users go to from clicking on that image. Set up a static route for users who click on one image on a particular site to go to the landing page that gets you the best conversions. By controlling where traffic is going, you can optimize on a granular level to keep your profit percentage as high as possible.

8. Stay in the Driver’s Seat

You can’t stay next to your computer forever, and you shouldn’t have to. Our mobile iOS app is designed to let you manage your campaigns on the go wherever you are. Check out performance, make adjustments, and more – all right in the palm of your hand.


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