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Why Maximus Beats the Competition

Maximus | Why Maximus Beats the Competition

August 23, 2019

Why Maximus Beats the Competition

Whether you’re new to native or a seasoned buyer, one thing is for sure – there’s a better way to run your campaigns and take stress and time out of the equation. Don’t run in circles trying to find that perfect balance when managing your campaigns, let Maximus do the heavy lifting for you.

Why Maximus?

Maximus was created by media buyers, for media buyers. We designed it around practical needs with real world solutions to accelerate your buying and give you the power of a whole team with just a few clicks.

Worry-free Bidding

Our Fire & Forget® optimizations work with real time estimate data to bid at the margins you want. Skip all those tweaks and incremental bid updates and let us do your bidding for you, even while you sleep. Set your lowest and highest desired bids, and Fire & Forget will optimize within this range to get the most profit out of what you’re spending.

Seeing is Believing

Get out of the habit of tracking everything in Excel, or comparing different places to get the data you need to review. Maximus is a one stop dashboard for all your statistics, and you can see all of your networks in the same place. No more endless browser tabs trying to keep up, switch between your networks and campaigns easily –  you can even clone from one network to another.

On top of all of the automation, Maximus gives unique views to the data that campaigns generate. Intuitive charts and reports help you evaluate performance, comparing relevant data like yesterday and the same day last week. Compare your clicks, profit, and revenue against recent performance to better understand your campaigns. Leveraging this data will help you better optimize campaigns, find the best performing hours for your campaigns, and help you generate angles based on working images on all of your campaigns.

Accelerate Your Buying with Maximus

  • No more delays – view and make decisions on your data in real time with estimates and see what your campaigns are doing right now, not hours ago on the network
  • Campaign stopped receiving traffic? Desired Click Pacing helps you set the bar and controls your spend to manage volume
  • Ever wanted more control over your budget? Maximus offers Slow and Stop amounts that mange your spending based on profits, as well as Budget Increase and Budget Reset to make sure a winning campaign doesnt stop spending
  • Split test landing pages from the same dashboard where you control your campaigns
  • Generate combinations of ads from a selection of images + text to speed up campaign creation and find the best ad combinations
  • Test across different platforms by creating multiple campaigns with a single click of the mouse
  • Route traffic from a site to a specific landing page, or even an image on a site to a specific landing page – get the most out of every bid by sending traffic to what’s working
  • Get tips from our seasoned Client Success and Support team to help you scale and optimize your campaigns

With Maximus, one media buyer can do the work of ten. Let your creative team be creative and out of the spreadsheets once and for all.

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