Maximus: Automated Media Buying Platform for Native Advertising

Native Advertising Made Simple

Maximus is a platform that lets you manage your native campaigns across different networks in one place. We've designed Maximus to be intuitive and take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders to let you focus on your strategies and let your campaigns scale safely.

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With Maximus You Can:

  • Manage multiple networks in one single location
  • Track your clicks, spend, and revenue in real time without an external tracker
  • Optimize your campaigns with one of our 3 different Optimization Modes
  • Scale your campaigns by automatically increasing budget
  • Protect your spend using Slow and Stop Amounts
  • Add and Clone campaigns to multiple networks
  • Use comprehensive Charts and Reports to evaluate your campaigns
  • Use CPC Day Parting to set your bids to static amounts at different times throughout the day
  • Make adjustments and monitor campaigns with our mobile iOS companion app
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Rev Content

Maximus has some incredible features that optimize your campaigns automatically, and our Fire & Forget™ technology allows you to optimize and manage your RevContent widget bids with ease. You can also set EPC (Earnings Per Click) thresholds to block underperforming widgets based on what values you set.

To learn more about Fire & Forget™ we recommend starting with our Intro to Fire & Forget™ documentation where you can learn about the different ways our Starter and Pro plans can optimize your campaigns for you.

We also produced a video webinar you can watch by clicking here that walks through Fire & Forget™ and how each feature can help you improve your native campaign management.

Read more about how Fire & Forget™ optimizes widgets by managing the bids to get you the best profit margins possible and how to set the Widget Block EPC to let your campaigns run without worrying about the widgets that aren't working for you.

You can also manually bid on Widgets in our Widget Report and block them if you want to stay hands on or block outside of Fire & Forget™.

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We’re Here For You

Our Client Success team will walk you through our onboarding process, give you best practices to get started, and work with you as you develop your campaigns into profitable ones. We can help you with whitelist recommendations, suggestions based on your current offers and angles, and answer any media buying questions you may have!

Our Support team is available via our LiveChat feature in the bottom right in our Help Docs page. You can also send us an email at to reach us any time of day.