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Accelerating Your Gemini Campaigns

Maximus | Accelerating Your Gemini Campaigns

October 20, 2020

Accelerating Your Gemini Campaigns

Gemini, as a native traffic source, behaves differently than other sources like Outbrain and Taboola. The combination of using publisher groups to bid on types of traffic, in addition to not having specific site placement blocking, can create some scenarios that can make taking full advantage of this traffic source difficult. At the same time, Gemini offers billions of daily ad impressions, making it a valuable asset to advertisers who understand its unique setup.

With Maximus, you can focus on the traffic you want from Gemini when starting a campaign. This prevents undesired spend and excess traffic, which creates higher-performance campaigns. During the additional Gemini Settings step on “Add Campaign,” you can set all of the publisher group bids to the lowest possible values to reduce incoming traffic on hundreds of placements.

Utilize our built-in site bidding tool to bid up or down on specific placements. For an even easier and faster campaign launching experience, you can upload a CSV of the site bids you want while bidding as low as possible on the rest. By bidding down on placements you don’t want and bidding up on the few you do, you’re effectively whitelisting your campaign and can experiment with strategies that can give you a cutting edge on profitability. 

If you’re running an existing campaign and want to block traffic completely, you can select domains individually in our Gemini Domains report to cut out additional traffic after your campaign has been running for a while. This helps you further hone your campaign and remove poorly performing traffic. There are many different methods to maximizing performance of your Gemini campaigns, but Maximus helps streamline these to let you focus on your creative angles and presells to get ahead of the curve.


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