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5 Tips for Buying on Yahoo Gemini

Maximus | 5 Tips for Buying on Yahoo Gemini

October 25, 2019

5 Tips for Buying on Yahoo Gemini

Buying native traffic on Yahoo Gemini can be quite a different experience than buying traffic at traditional native networks such as Taboola or Outbrain. We have put together a list of points that highlight some of the most important things to keep in mind to successfully scale your campaigns on Yahoo Gemini.

Day Parting For Profit

We have noticed that because some campaigns perform poorly during certain hours—the afternoon, for example—media buyers will assume that it’s like this for every campaign and automatically disregard them. However, don’t assume all campaigns are the same. Drive into them and look at each campaign by the hour before making decisions. You will be surprised to see some campaigns perform very well during the hours when others seem to slump.

Take Advantage of State Targeting

Try to gather information by state, looking into cutting out states that have a low CTR and/or low conversion rate. Simply removing low-performing states can potentially save you a lot of ad spend.

Take Risks

Native buying is full of risk, and this could not be truer when buying with Yahoo Gemini. However, you don’t have to take big risks all at once. Select one or two campaigns, push them, analyze them, take risks where you see fit, and don’t be overly cautious with them. The correct risk will be rewarded if done right. Plus, this is where you can really use Maximus to your advantage—with our low and stop safety nets, you can protect your ad spend even further.

Pay Attention to Conversions at Odd Hours

You might see random conversions at odd hours. A few conversions at 2 AM might be a fluke, but if you see a significance click count during this time (for example, between 5,000 and 10,000) try pushing the campaign during those hours. This could be a peak time that you just did not see before.

Stack up on Winning Images

Collect as many winning images as possible because competition, and ad fatigue is real. Many times, you will see your images perform well for quite a while and suddenly see a significant decrease in performance. Build up a backlog of winning images that have shown a high CTR so you have alternates ready to go and can swap them in when needed.


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